A Career Change Doesn't Have to Be Daunting

We've provided resources here to help you (pro-bono) proactively manage your career so you can live your best life!

Please Note: Reveal is a bit of a one-way street. Unlike traditional recruiting firms, we don't "market" candidates for placement fees. Many of our clients are companies you would know and others are small to midsize businesses that pay us on an hourly or project basis to find very specific people for roles we may not handle ever again. So, we are not set up to "place" anyone or introduce candidates for a fee.


Fueled By Purpose-Driven Recruitment™

“About 20 years ago, I found myself providing  pro bono advice and support to people (family, friends, and complete strangers) with regard to their career. Those who had been impacted and needed to find their next job were especially motivating to me. The same reason I fell in love with recruiting applies to career coaching and support - the opportunity to help someone provide for themselves and their family. At Reveal, we call this Purpose-Driven Recruitment™. In fact, providing free career coaching and support actually improves your skills as a recruiter!

Over the years, I've developed, discovered, and refined the tools and techniques to assist almost anyone in pro-actively managing their career. Whether you have been caught up in an event that led to unemployment or you just want to be more intentional about how you progress through your career, I believe you will find these tools to be of value. As always, please share your suggestions for improvement, other resources, and any success stories!

Marc Hutto, Founder and Chief Encouragement Officer

The "More Of...Less Of..." Exercise

This is something I learned from Tony Robbins. Keep a notepad or journal with you (note pad in your phone works, of course) and, when you are stuck in traffic or having a moment of reflection on your day and thinking, "That was a good day (or bad day)," capture the specifics of what you want to experience more of...or less of. No need to elaborate unless you think it will be helpful for you. Remember, these are notes only for you - much like a journal.

When I was doing this as I was considering a departure from my corporate role to start Reveal, I would note  "Long meeting with no real decisions or progress" under the "Less Of..." section and "Making a difference in someone's life" under the "More of..." section.

This exercise is what I call a "thought experiment." You should allow this to happen over many weeks or even months. This is an important exercise because you are likely not being presented with a new opportunity. So, your thoughts are more pure and not being influenced.


Considering Your Career Drivers

Capturing your topics  during the "More Of/Less of" exercise is a great ramp-up to how you can get clear on what YOUR Career Drivers are.

Take a look at the document and consider ranking/prioritizing these five categories. Then, make notes on these topics and subtopics as to how you define success or your preferences.

For instance, you might define "Work/Life Balance" as having something to do with less travel or time for exercise, etc.

Career Drivers PDF
Career Coaching

Results Oriented Resume

All too often, people write what they DO or DID in the resume without addressing what they were expected to do.

For instance, if the resume has sales roles reflected, specific goals and actuals/results would be of interest to the potential employer. The resume example provided here does a good job of showing achievement and accountability.

Click Here to Build a Results Oriented Resume

Career Marketing Plan

This is a document you share with people like me - not potential employers. In the past, when I was helping my daughter or other family members (people I really, really wanted to see land in their dream job), they might say something like, "Keep an eye open for me" or "Let me know if you see something that I might find interesting."

This is too vague and it makes it much harder for me to focus and help (by making introductions, etc.) So, this document really helps you (and me) to get clear.

Proactively Manage Your Career

EVP Decision Support

Eventually, you will arrive at a point where you have one or more opportunities to consider. Using this file helps you to calculate the value of the monetary portions of an offer and then the lower portion gives you space to consider the qualitative aspects of the opportunity.

Click Here to Compare Opportunities Objectively

Career Advice via Crystal Knows

Follow this link www.crystalknows.com to learn more abou this VERY cool tool. It's a Chrome plug-in that "reads" your LinkedIn profile or your resume or bio (the language you chose to write it) and predicts your DISC operating style.

It is not infallible and be sure to check out their new Playbook feature (especially the one for "Career Advice"). We don't sell this. We are customers and you can go straight to them without us involved (we earn no referral fees, etc.)

Learn More

Tell Your WholeStory™

This unique and smart concept was born by a few brilliant minds whom I have had the honor of working with by offering feedback and ideas to their outstanding platform. Erin Anacker, Darren Varnado, and John Roach have built this tool to help you convey how your life experiences have shaped and strengthened your character traits.

Be sure to check out their Video Guides for Job Seekers.

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