The Next Generation of Sourcing – Recruitment Intelligence 007 Style

The field of recruiting is changing quickly, from mobile accessibility, to LinkedIn, to deep Boolean web search for sourcing passive talent, and now Facebook. Everyone struggles to keep up with the trends, to be the best in our fields. Everyone wants the same end result; more hires in less time to fill – but most of all, we want to …

Recruiting Solutions and Their Pros and Cons

The market is buoyant, your team is stretched. These are the pleas that can be heard across the land, as recruiting leaders seek to bring on board new recruiting solutions to bridge the gap. But if resources are to be reallocated among recruiting solutions, which should your company be turning to for maximum results?

How to Navigate Passive Candidate Challenges

The biggest challenge in the passive recruitment process is probably making sure both our client and the candidate understand each other’s outlook. As a hiring leader, you should understand that passive candidates have a different perspective and that it is inadvisable to put them in the same category as your active prospects.