What Our Clients and Their Candidates Are Saying About Reveal Global Intelligence


“Awesome work Reveal! Of the candidates submitted, I'd like to meet with the following six people... And, please continue as this is GREAT!!!!”

SVP, Talent Acquisition

"Some of the managers were commenting on the good quality of the candidates from Reveal. Everyone seems to be doing a good job and happy with the placements."

Human Resources Manager

“You guys have delivered just like you trained in Chicago. This is really impressive. The responsiveness and contact rate is amazing and I know how hard this work can be. I've been doing it for 10 years.”

Vice President, Talent Acquisition

“You folks have been successful at convincing yet another company of the value of a Reveal engagement!! So much so that our hiring leader now wants to engage you for a confidential search for a Head of Shared Services!!! Awesome!!!! Also, I just spent one hour on the phone with your candidate. I think you guys hit it out of the park with both individuals!!”

Director, Talent Acquisition

"HOORAY Reveal Team! We just landed the candidate. Thank you for the excellent partnership. I always like celebrating a win with you." AND "Another just ACCEPTED!!!!! Virtual high five to my favorite extended team. "

Director, Global Talent Acquisition


"I've never heard of your company, so I did some research, and it looks like a great place to work. My work schedule is crazy, and it's hard to speak during the day, so thank you for taking the time to call me in the evening. I was so excited to hear who your client is."

Director, Merchandise Planning

"What you all are doing, I think is amazing. Folks don't get a chance sometimes. When they're seeking positions, they're at a disadvantage. They're at the advantage of the company or team where they're seeking a position, but when someone is actually looking at your accomplishments and thinks this person looks interesting - that's just amazing. I'm sure you do know what that does for someone and how they feel about a company. If that's how your client conducts business, right then and there I get a good feeling about that."

Corporate Chef

"When you first started chatting with me, you said this was going to be different than any other experience I've had with headhunters/recruiters, and it most certainly was. I don't know how you guys manage to differentiate yourselves in the marketplace, but I can tell you it has been like a BREATH OF FRESH AIR. It was great, I know it is not easy, and I appreciate the time you took with me."

Director, CRM

"OK you’ve hooked me. When you guys come calling, you come hard don’t you?! Next week i’m on leave & we can talk, pretty much anytime - let me know what works."

Manager, CRM

"Thanks for being so persistent. I would typically jump straight to "thanks so much for reaching out, but I'm not interested in pursuing any new opportunities at this time", but after looking at your website, I realize that's exactly why you are reaching out...you are looking to start conversations with people who are actively and happily employed, and that is me!"

Client Solution Manager

"It was good talking with you. I appreciate it. There are definitely some people that I've talked to that have called me about opportunities and I can tell that the only thing they are interested in is shoving me into a box so they can get paid a commission, and I didn't feel that way at all in talking with you and I do greatly appreciate that. I am always open to talk, to listen, to bounce ideas around. I'll think of names that could be a good fit. But thanks for the time. I really appreciate it."

Sales Manager

"It's refreshing to talk to a Recruiter who knows what they're talking about."

Director, Acquisitions

"I'm really happy that you connected, and I'm looking forward to keeping in touch. I've done some research on your company and love the idea of what you guys do in terms of recruiting and innovation, building the brand and businesses." We discussed Purpose-Driven Recruiting a bit more and she said "I TOTALLY got that from looking you guys up and doing research and that's very interesting to me."

Senior Planner

"While I am really happy where I am and the amazing work we are doing to transform our company, I must admit, you have piqued my interest. I can’t ignore life changing! "

Vice President, Planning and Allocation

"It's nice to have someone who can be an advocate for you, but also give you insight into the process as well. You have been very helpful to me. I'm sure it's a fine line to balance, but you do it beautifully, so I appreciate it!"

Business Development Manager

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